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          Company History

          October 1971 Established (Capital: S$100,000)
          December 1979 Increased capital to S$2,000,000
          April 1981 Opened Jurong Office
          February 1984 Opened Merbau Island Office
          October 1984 Opened Changi Airport Office/Warehouse
          February 1989 Opened Gul Distribution Centre (GDC)
          March 1994 Increased capital to S$5,000,000
          March 1994 Opened Keppel Distripark Container Freight Station
          July 1994 Opened Sakra Island Office
          Nov 1994 Opened Clementi Distribution Centre
          May 1997 Opened Seraya Island Office
          March 2003 Opened Tuas Distribution Centre (TDC)
          September 2003 Opened Gul Engineering Centre (Converted from the former GDC)
          June 2007 Opened Jurong Island Warehouse
          July 2007 Expanded Tuas Distribution Centre
          Re-named Tuas Logistics Hub (TLH)
          January 2010 Opened Tuas Integrated Distribution Centre (TIDC)
          October 2014 Expanded cold room in Tuas Logistics Hub(TLH)
          October 2018 First TAPA (GSR) certified company in the world
          October 2018 Received order for the DEBOTTLENECKING PJ from MELS
          July 2019 Opened cold room in CDC
          July 2019 TAPA FSR 2017

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