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          Tuas Integrated Distribution Centre (TIDC)

          TIDC is located at Tuas Industrial estate, its another investment of Sankyu Singapore beside existing 2 warehouses (TLH & CDC) and provide excellent distribution service for our customers with our exisiting Inhouse Integrated Warehouse Management System (IPS). It's a cutting edge inventory management system that assists our clients to manage daily incoming and outgoing shipments and customize their needs for the report that to be generated according to individual specification.

          Warehouse features

          1. VNA racking system & Full standing floor location.

          2. Air-con space for the storage of food products.

          Description Unit
          1 Land Area 19,230
          2 Total Built - in Area 16,000
          1st Storey
          Rack(plts) 1662
          2nd Storey
          (Air Conditional Space)
          Rack(plts) 1128
          3rd Storey Floor(m²) 2706
          Air-con Storage Rack(plts)
          3 VNA Racking System Rack 5,502
          4 Floor Bearing Capacity KN/m² 20
          5 Cargo Lift (6 ton) Unit 4
          6 OMNI Lifter (1 ton) Unit 2
          7 Loading Leveller Unit 18
          8 Chasis Parking Bay Unit 100
          9 VNA Truck Unit 6
          10 Forklift (2.5 ton) Unit 8

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